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Part 3: Customizations (Theme, Harmony Hub, Spotify)

Working through more updates on Hass.IO. Added a Dark Theme. Playing with Harmony Hub and had to re-add my SharpTV. Realized I needed to turn off all CEC functionality to properly allow Harmony...


Part 2: HassIO Add-Ons

Starting to put some basic configurations into HassIO. BASIC CONFIGURATION ADD-ONS Ran into some problems with HassIO only working on ethernet and could not configure the wifi. Solution: Rename the resin-sample file to resin-wifi....


Part 1: Home Assistant Reboot V2

I decided to do a complete reboot of my home automation system. The idea is to install the image and completely restart from scratch. Taking notes along the way so I remember the...


Mavic Pro Drone Footage of Chicago

Some random shots spliced together. Note to self… (1) Watch more Adobe Premier Pro videos. (2) Buy Neutral Density Filters (3) Spend more time planning out the shots and don’t pan the camera.


Apple Watch for Pokémon Go Tracks Actual Workout Distance by Steps

Hardware/Setup iPhone 6S Plus Apple Watch Stainless Black Gen 0 I am on wifi the entire time. I have the heart rate monitor turned off to conserve battery to test battery life. iPhone screen...



Been a while since I posted because I’ve been fairly busy with work, home automation setup, and outings. Here are a few things from the past month. Tanta Peruvian Restaurant – Some sort of Cerviche and...


Expanding Partition on SD Card for Raspberry Pi with NOOBS Pre-Installed

I ran into an issue where I bought the RPI3 with a 16 gig SD card and needed to expand it to 128 gigs. With the NOOBS installation, I am not able to use...